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Freshly Picked: Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland

Tingle, that somewhat strange fairy loving old man in the green suit, has his own RPG for the Nintendo DS in the form of Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. This site used to contain only a Rupee Negotiation Guide, originally written for the Japanese version of the game and modified to contain the English names of characters and locations. This site now includes even more, but is still incomplete in some areas, sorry!! If you have any additions, corrections, or clarifications to any of the information on this site, please send a tweet to @importgamer and I will add/update the info. I apologize, but I won't be able to answer specific questions about the game since it has been a very long time since I've played it.

Here you'll find the original negotiation price list to leave the most rupees in Tingle's pockets. You'll also find some quick FAQs (see below) bodyguard prices, how much to haggle for certain items and dialogues, a list of the rupee goods in the game and where to find them, empty jar locations, maps, and more. Most of the information is here is not very detailed since I've only played the game twice - the first time was in Japanese and the second time was in English.

If you're looking for a walkthrough of the game, see the miscellaneous section for the link.

Quick FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions I've seen people ask for help for in this game. More questions/answers coming soon!

What do I do on Sunshine Seashore?

Not all of the islands have dungeons. On some islands, all you need to do is explore them to get items/ingredients that you can either sell or cook. Use the money you get from selling these to increase the height of the tower by throwing rupees into the Western Pool on Hometown Prairie.

How do I blow up the cracked rock on Sunshine Seashore?

You need the recipe for Tingle Bombs to blow up cracked rocks or cracked walls in games. You won't get this until later in the game, so just ignore the cracked rock on Sunshine Seashore until you are able to make Tingle Bombs. This game is similar to the Legend of Zelda games in which you'll see things that are unaccessible at first until you have the proper items. So just revisit previous areas you've been to once you have new recipes or items that will allow you to explore more.

I dug up a blue treasure chest... how do I open it?

You'll need the upgraded bone ocarina to be able to open it. You'll get it after helping the pirates out for the second time.

How do I blow up the big black rocks? Tingle Bombs don't work.

You'll need the bigger Nitro Bombs to blow them up. You don't get the recipe for this until you help the pirates for the second time.

Where can I get Soft Eggs?

You can dig them up in the dice shaped area of Gooey Swamp or anywhere in the vicinity of the dice area.

I opened the door to the Insect Cavern on Gooey Swamp, but the ladder is blocked. How do I get up to the door?

You need to go back to Steamy Marsh and talk to the queen bee. Pay her 500 rupees and she'll give you a ride to the door of the Insect Cavern.

Where do I find the mini death bug Chrysalis?

In the 4th basement of the Insect Cavern in the room with the cocoon things that you can push around. In the area where you had to lift the platform to get one of the cocoons, go down and to the right and there's a ladder that will take you to a chest with the Chrysalis in it.

Where is the airship part in Gooey Swamp?

You'll notice that the dashed line goes through one of the ponds of water. You have to fall in the water to get this airship piece.

How do I melt the frozen grave in the Icy Plain graveyard?

It melts on its own as you progress with the Guard's story. There's no item that you can use to melt it.

Where can I get Devil Shells?

On Icy Plain, go to the bridge that goes from Icy Plain to Gooey Swamp. From there, just fall in the water a few times. It'll cost you 150 rupees each time you fall in the water and you won't get a Devil Shell every time, but that's where they are.

Where is the map seller on Mount Desma?

He's in the salon disguised as one of the Salona.

How do I blow up the rocks in the way on Mount Desma?

You need help from the pirates in Gooey Swamp, but before they help you, you have to help them first. It seems like it's also a requirement that you have to beat the boss in the Insect Cavern before the pirates will show up near the Gooey Swamp pier.

How can I get to the southeast side of the map on Mount Desma?

The shaman's impostor on Mount Desma will tell you how if you pay him enough rupees. If you'd rather not pay him, then just tap the statue by the waterfall five times.

I'm stuck in Desma's Labyrinth. There's a cannon and a sign that's hard to read. Nothing happens when I go in the cannon.

You need to push the cannon to the left until the light on it turns green. Then you can get in and be sent to the floor above you. A tip for this area: the map really comes in handy for this whole dungeon in particular. Check it (tap on your backpack/rucksack and then pick "map") to see where you can fall on the floor below you or where on the floor above you that can launch yourself using the cannon. Checking the map will also help you figure out how to get onto a platform that you need to access rupee good # 19.

How do I defeat Baron on Mount Desma?

You'll need to have one of the drifter bodyguards with you to beat him. You'll get a different backstory about Baron and a different rupee reward depending on which of the three drifter bodyguards you beat him with.

Where is the map of Fairy Garden?

To get the Fairy Garden map, all you need to do is go to the Z-Fairy Vending Machine (it's a vehicle dispenser) that's to the right from the spot where you land using the Tingle Balloon. Give it the amount of rupees that it asks you for, and the first time you use it, it will also give you the Fairy Garden map.

Where can I find the {insert color} {herb/orb/cube} in Fairy Garden?

Please see this map made by Arkrex for all of the locations of these items.